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Emergency rooms

Outpatient departments

Outpatient department of in-house preventive care

Outpatient department of in-house preventive care provides medical examinations of employees entering or leaving their job,  periodical checks of people working in selected workplaces and departments, monitoring the status of hepatitis B vaccination and vaccinating as required,....


Removal of the adenoid and the tonsils, surgeries on the nasal septum, surgeries on the paranasal sinuses, ... 

Outpatient department of tuberculosis and respiratory ailments

Department of tuberculosis and respiratory ailments in the Chrudim hospital provides all-round care to patients suffering from lung and bronchial ailments. It is only an outpatient department.

Urology outpatient department

In our urology outpatient department we provide comprehensive services for urology patients, including ultra-sound and basic urodynamic examinations.

Gastroenterology and Hepatology Walk-in Centre 

Doctors of the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Walk-in Centre take care of people suffering from acute ailments of the digestive tract, liver or pancreas, plan their treatment and react to changes in their condition.  

Lipid Walk-in Centre

The Lipid Walk-in Centre helps people suffering from hyperlipoproteinemia (hyperlipidaemia), especially in primary prevention of coronary diseases. It also deals with several types of obesity and endocrinopathy.

Outpatient department for Internal Diseases

Personnel of outpatient departments takes in patients for hospitalisation, carries out check-ups following hospital stays, and examine people who are sent to these departments by their GP’s.

Cardiologic Centre

Doctors at the Cardiologic Centre follow the condition of patients suffering from serious cardio-vascular diseases, plan their further treatment and react to changes in their condition.

Centre for Diabetes

Provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment care to patients suffering from all types of diabetes mellitus, from following the patient’s condition, taking care of other risk factors and diseases related to diabetes.

Neurology Outpatient Department

Neurological examination is made upon recommendation from a GP or another specialist or, in special cases, without any recommendation.

Children’s Outpatient Department

It is situated on the ground floor in the rear of the main hospital building, behind the children’s Department. It can be accessed across the hospital garden or (also by car) through the rear gate (from the road to Vlčnov).

Outpatient Department  for Allergies

Comprehensive care, laboratory, functional and visualisation examinations, including allergy skin prick tests, for allergy and immunity disorders ...

Gastroenterology  Walk-in Centre of the Children’s Department

Examinations, treatment and medical care of child patients suffering from stomach, intestine or colon, liver or pancreas disorders ….

Nephrology Centre of the Children’s Department

Overall examinations - laboratory, diagnostic imagining (MCUG, IVU, DMSA ….), or functional. Treatment and medical care of nephropathies caused by congenital development disorders, inflammation of the urinary tract, obstructive urinary pathologies,  disorders of the kidney  parenchyma …

Endocrinology Centre of the Children’s Department

Overall laboratory, or visualising (US) examinations of all endocrine disorders in children   - ultrasound examination at RTO Dimed Chrudim in the hospital building ...

List of most frequent diagnoses:

  • disorders of the thyroid (gland),disorders in adolescence, growth problems
  • child obesity

Children’s and Birth Department


Centre for Diabetes of the Children’s Department

Picking up, treating, long-term medical care and necessary checks for good compensation of diabetes; comprehensive care and education...

Surgical  Outpatient Department

Orthopaedic Outpatient Department

Centre for Laparoscopic and Microinvasive Surgery

Trauma Centre

Outpatient department  for Sport-related Trauma

Proctology Centre

 Centre for Vascular Disorders

Outpatient Department  for Physiotherapy

Department for Physiotherapy

Centre for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

The outpatient department is located on the ground floor of the new part of the hospital.

Colostomy Walk-in Centre

Two outpatient surgeries, a small room for minor surgeries, room for the application of fresh bandages and/or plaster can be found on the ground floor of the new part of the hospital. They are available 24 hours a day. Specialised care is provided in specialised clinics.




Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation  (ARD)

Takes care of overall examinations prior to surgery and preparations for planned procedures.

Breast (mammology) Outpatient Department

Takes care of diagnosing and treating ailments of breasts.

Outpatient Orthopaedic Unit of the Physiotherapy Department

This unit is located in the basement and includes waiting rooms, a doctor’s surgery, 6 exercise rooms for physiotherapy, a hydrotherapy, magneto-therapy and ergotherapy units. Physiotherapy unit for children adjoins the children’s Department. 

Gynaecological Outpatient Department

The Gynaecological Outpatient Department is located on the first floor.

Haematological Outpatient Department

Takes care of all basic as well as specialised haematological examinations, including morphological and coagulation tests for the Inpatient Unit s of the hospital, its outpatient department and the hospital catchment area. We also monitor patients taken over from centres of special care.

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